Monday, February 1, 2016

Doing service and a chicken:  2/1/2016

Kær forælder = Hey ma and pa! haha How's it going? Sounds like you two have been extremely busy! In a way, I feel like so much has changed back home since I have left! Really time is flying by so fast for me though! I left home almost 5 months ago!! That's crazy to me!

Really quick to answer both of your questions:
Mom: Yeah I got my package. Thank you so much! I got it on a rainy day so it definetly was the sunshine I needed:) Yeah I still think this is the best way to send mail:) Until I transfer!
"L" is doing great. Still on track to be baptized on the 20th of February!  Things for me and Æ. Gudmundson are going great! He is a lot like me and we get a long really well!
No my camera is back to normal, I'm glad I backed up all my pictures on the computer!  Sunday was great, I gave a talk in church! It was my third one so hopefully the branch was able to understand more of it! It was on member missionary work! If I get the chance to go to the church today I will email it to you! You'll just have to translate it haha:)

Dad: The language is still really tough for me. I'm trying to work harder at it but I seem to keep hitting walls. We are actually teaching this guy who just fled from Syria, we are teaching both the gospel and how to speak Danish so I think that will really help with my Danish!  Me and the comp are doing great! We did a lot of service this week.  Kind of hit a slump with finding new investigators, but hopefully this week will we find some more!  My health has been great! "Healthy and Happy" right?:)

This week has been pretty different. We haven't had time to do a whole lot of contacting because we were doing a lot of service for this one lady in our branch who is moving. Guess what?! She gave us a Rooster!! A live chicken haha! So we took it home with us, Helaman (that was his name).

I can't believe all the snow we are getting back home! Dad you need to get the sleds out! So I hear my Broncos are in the SuperBowl again:) You'll have to tell me all about it! Tommy is turning 13?! Jeez, in his email it sounds like he is ready to get a phone haha you better start him off with a flip phone;)

Thank you so much for both of your emails:) They really help me a ton throughout the week! You two are still the biggest examples in my life and I have been so blessed to have you as my parents! You have taught me a lot and still continue teaching me so much more:) I love you two and I hope you have a great week:) Vi snakes, mojn!

Æ. Weese

Translation: "Keep me clean and use me right, and I will never say what I have seen."  Haha!!

Helaman the Rooster!!

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