Monday, April 25, 2016

Painting houses & working on the farm:  4/25/2016

Hey everyone! 
I hope you all are doing well! This one is going to have to be super short but I want to let you all know that I am doing great and love being a misisonary here in Denmark! We did a ton of service this week. We painted houses, helped people move, and cleaned out a Dairy Farm. 

This past Saturday we played soccer with some members from a neighboring ward and that was absolutely a blast! It's funny how serving in Denmark has made me want to get good at soccer, wear tight clothes, roll up the cuffs of my pants, eat everything (yes including hamburgers) with a fork and a knife, shave the sides of my head, etc. I guess the Euro way of things is starting to rub off onto me. 

We had stake conference this week which was awesome being able to see a bunch of members! Someone from the 70 spoke. He is from Spain, spoke in English but they had a danish translater standing next to him translating into Danish as he spoke. This week was a lot of fun but me and Æ. McBride and have realized we need to do a lot of finding to get this area up and going again! So huge focus on finding this week!

Thanks for all the love and support! I think of you all constantly, you all are in my thoughts and prayers and I hope you have a wonderful week! hej hej

Æ. Weese

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Hej Far & Mor:  4/18/2016

You're back on pop, dad?! AHHH come on you were killing it there for a while!! Don't be relapsing on me now! Hey This email has found me happy and healthy!!  Sounds like you have had quite the week!? Hey they just can't keep you from speaking in church so you must be way good at it;)

So I am pretty sure I passed my language test because I have to go to the police station now to do fingerprints and pics, so that must mean I am staying! The test was way easy too! But yeah you get one shot to pass and if you fail, you're gone!! We actually had a sister missionary finish her mission in Las Vegas cause the Danish gov didn't set up a language test for her. Yeah that was their fault and she speaks fluent danish, but she still had to leave! 

Church was way good today! I am loving the new area and the ward! No way you met someone who served in Sønderborg, mom!!  That is so awesome!! Gosh I loved it there!! Yeah he is right, tough mission, tough language. The only mission that baptizes less than us is Greece! They hate americans too so no american missionaries in Greece.

My new area is awesome! Danish, it's coming. I had an "English fast" with my comp where we went the whole day with no english! That helped a ton so now we are going to create a plan where we speak Danish from the moment we get up til the end of Daily planning at 9:30pm. I feel like that will be a HUGE help:) I love the language though! The ward has about 120 members, biggest ward in Denmark I believe. I don't know how long it has been around though, still pretty new. Æ. McBride is a great guy! Way diligent missionary so he has taught me a lot.

Zone conference every 2 transfers and zone training every 2. they alternate each month. Denmark is split into 4 zones. How spread out was your mission? I really cannot wait to sit down with you and just swap mission stories! Serving has totally changed my perspective on so much and I can't wait to start to understand what it was like for you to serve. I have written in my journal everyday! Probably need to be more detailed with it though! It is amazing how many spiritual confirmations I have received while teaching others! Dad, I know this church is true!

Thank you for sharing your testimony with me! It truly strengthens mine! I love my mission dad and to be honest, it is going by WAY too fast!! I am working my hardest though and I have seen the blessings. I pray and think about you all everyday! I love you and hope you have an awesome week:)

Æ. Weese

P.S. yeah I will be skyping on mothers day i believe. I'll let you know more about it once I find out all the details!

First week in new area: Holbæk 4/11/2016

Hey Ma!! How's it going? Sorry this email is getting to you so much later in the day, I had my language test this morning to see if I can stay in Denmark! Hopefully I passed!!

New Area, New comp!! Pretty awesome place:) It's so wierd being in a new place cause I was so used to being in Sønderborg! I am loving it though:) The ward has about 120 members in church!! SOOOOO different then the 25-30 that were in Sønderborg. So yeah, that's a huge change! I am about an hour away from Copenhagen!! Different zone. Denmark is split into 4 zones. I am in a car area, but I just got cleared yesterday to ride a bike! So I'll be buying a bike here soon which I am WAY excited for:)

New apartment is a lot smaller than the last one. No washer or dryer in the place except for a shared one in the basement. Pretty groovy place though:) Kitchen and bathroom are bigger and nicer and because today is p day we have a fridge full of food so I am a happy camper!   Days are getting a lot longer and a lot warmer! I get up and run everyday at 6:30 and the sun is already up:)

Holy cow, sounds like you guys had a way fun time!! I loved getting all those pics:) Sorry I couldn't send any last week, the internet was shot, and it still kind of is so I don't know when I will be able to send any:/ But it makes me so happy to see all the fun you are having:) Haha Yeah I remember that long car drive, good thing I was by the cooler;) Gosh I miss you guys a lot! I miss doing all that fun stuff with you guys!

That's way awesome to see you got a letter from Jordan! I talk to him and Derry just about every week. It's crazy how different our missions are, but still the same.  They are loving it too and doing great!!  So crazy how fast time is flying!!  Do you know you and dad have an almost 20 year old son;) haha

Thanks for sharing that thought with me! This morning I read Æ. Oaks talk from Oct 2015 conference on the power of the Atonement! It really is so amazing to know we have our Savior, Jesus Christ, who has gone through anything and everything imaginable and he did it for us. So we can always lean on him and find strength in him!

Thanks for another wonderful email! I love and miss you guys a lot! You are constantly in my thoughts and prayers mom! Have a wonderful week:)


Æ. Weese

Outside of new apartment in Holbæk

Pictures from inside new apartment

New companion, Elder McBride

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Goodbye Sønderborg:  4/4/2016

Hey everyone, hope you all are doing well. I'm typing this in a Library in Holbæk right now, my new area! That's right, after 4 awesome transfers in Sønderborg, I am now in my second area Holbæk. I really am going to miss Sønderborg. I have made a lot of great relationships there and it was EXTREMELY HARD saying goodbye:/ Of course, something new is always exciting but at the same time it was really hard leaving. Jeg var født i Sønderborg!! "Mojn Mojn" (won't be able to use that southern Danish phrase anymore) I have learned so much from the branch members and I love them so much!! Goodbyes suck...

Well my new companion is Æ. Maxwell McBride whom is from Mesa, Arizona. Only have talked with him for about 20 minutes so I don't know much about him other than that! He seems way chill though so I can tell this will be a fun transfer. Holbæk looks like an awesome area! The best way to describe it would be to tell you to look it up on Google Maps haha. It is part of a ward of about 130 members I believe. I think it is the biggest ward in Denmark too so way big difference from the branch I served in in my first area.

Conference Weekend was great! Sadly, with how busy I have been with transfers (packing all my stuff was the worst...) I was only able to see the Saturday morning session and then with Familien Kuntz, watched the Sunday morning session. All the talks I heard were great, one of my favorite being by Henry B. Eyring. He talked about having your hearts be fertile ground for the good word of God. I also liked D. Todd Christofferson's talk about fathers! Hopefully early this week I will have time to see the rest.

Well, like I said, I am way stoked for my new area! I know I will have a lot more to write about in my next emails. Oh yeah, my new address is Rolighedsvej 1, 1. tv. 4300 Holbæk Denmark. Just in case any of you wanted to send anything. I love and miss you all. Have a great week!!


Æ. Weese