Monday, October 17, 2016

Meeting an athiest:  10/17/2016

Hey everyone! Hope this finds you all well and happy:) Life is just cruising along here in Denmark. The days are getting darker, temps droppin, wind blowin, raining, yeah its fall here in Denmark. A dark depressing winter is on its way...

So we had an awesome experience this week. We were out knocking doors when we knocked into this early 20's dane. He is completely athiest and not interesting in what we were out for. After talking for a few minutes we offered him a Book of Mormon and he said "ahh why not" I then asked if he just could give us 10 minutes. After a little hesitation he said, sure come in. Well we taught him all about the restoration which caused him to ask a lot of questions. We asked him if he was familiar with prayer and he said not really. So I told him I would say a prayer to show him and then he could try to say one. I said a short simple prayer, then looked up at him and asked him how he felt. "uhhhhh" he said "Wow, i dont know. It's hard to explain. Let me try one" so then he said a very short, yet beautiful prayer. At the end I looked up at him, asked him how he felt. With tears in his eyes "woah...I can't explain it. It's something totally new. It's almost a burning feeling inside my chest" He said. The spirit was SO strong! What an awesome experience. To see how much that made him change was amazing. He wants to continue meeting with us and read in the Book of Mormon. It was a beautiful experience. One that I will never forget. Felt way blessed after that.

Things are going pretty great out here. The temps are starting to drop. Days getting a lot shorter. Mild storms everyday. Talk is that this winter is going to be the biggest one they have had in 6 years. So looking foward to see what that brings haha.

Love and miss you all. Have a great week:)

Ældste Weese

Meeting the new ward in Odense:  10/10/2016

Hej Mor!!
Haha no way? Another miracle?! Haha what changed with Jack? The haircut and the clean shave suits him well. Sounds like business as usual back home, everyone staying busy. Glad to hear everyone is happy though! I miss all the fun family get togethers. It will be so crazy to come back and see everyone grown up... Haha i laughed when I read that story about Tommy and the Cheerleaders hahahahaha what a stud! Reminds me of the good ol times;) Brock shot a pretty good size moose! Sounded like that was a great adventure.

Yeah I'm doing really good though. I think I have just reached this point where I feel like I have been a missionary my whole life haha. Not much exciting has happened lately. Just a lot of knocking and street contact, nothing to special out of that lately either:/ I loved church yesterday though! The ward I am in now is pretty awesome. I tried my best to get to know as many members as possible. I am in another big ward of about 100. One of the members served his mission in Ogden and has been up to Brigham City a lot! We talked about Maddox and a bunch of other great restuartuants (I really miss American food!!) (and how cheap it is) Food is really SO expensive here. I really need to work on budgeting my money. The ward is really great and I am happy to be hear in Odense:)  Still not feeling settled in yet in my area, hopefully I will soon. Denmark really is so beautiful!! I need to get better at taking pictures. So my comps name is Jared Thomas Smith and he is from Hunington Beach California. He has been out on his mission for 6 months. We get along pretty well. Got a bit in Common. Being District leader has been great though! I love being able to work with all the other missionaries in my district. 

I'm glad to hear you're doing good though mom. I love and miss you a lot. Thanks for all the support you give me. I hope you have a wonderful week:)

Æ. Weese

P.S. yah i got the Package Gma sent me. I'll make sure to shoot them an email.

2nd week in Odense:  10/3/2016

Hey Mom!
Haha what a great miracle story hahaha. You need to send me a picture of Jack now that he is all clean shaven. Wonder what got into him?

This last week has been good! Sorry I suck at emailing. I ain't too good at it plus I don't know what to write about! Sometimes it's all just the same for weeks straight. I did take some pics though so I'll be sure to throw those on Google Plus today. Grocery shopping sucks when you're in a bike area. The stores aren't too close by so we have to bike home with our bags....yeah not too fun. I've been eating like junk lately. I need to sit down and create a better meal plan and FOLLOW it haha. I've been really bad at sitting down and making big meals, usually I just snack all day haha. Yeah these past couple of weeks I've just felt really out of it. I love Odense, just don't feel settled in yet I guess. Still haven't met the ward cause of Conferences, Stake and General. Conference was great! I only have been able to see the Priesthood session and the Saturday Afternoon. Today I will watch both the Sunday ones. Yeah President Monson was struggling in the Preisthood session. He is getting pretty old. That's cool that you chatted with Eva for a bit! They are an awesome family. I sure miss them. 

To answer your question about Spanish, NOPE haha. I have forgotton like all of it. I have met a couple spanish speaking people and tried to communicate with them and it didn't work out too well. That's funny about giving Tommy 20 bucks and him just coming back with a dollor, yeah, sounds a lot like me! The temperatures are starting to drop over here that's for sure! I will make sure to look up and re read those talks that you liked! I really liked D. Todd Christoffersons from Saturday afternoon session.

I've been doing good though! It is crazy how fast time has flown by. I do feel a little distant from you guys, but I guess it just comes with being away for over a year. I am really excited to Skype again on Christmas. 13 weeks seems like a long time though:/ Thanks for everything though mom. I'm around a couple of missionaries who are struggling with some things back home, un supportive family and other issues that are really making them think about going home. I am truly grateful for all the support you give me. It would suck to have my mom telling me every week that I should come home. So thanks:)

I miss you a lot and hope all is well back home! Have a great week. I love you:)

Æ. Weese

What!?! No Pictures!!:  9/26/2016

Hey you two!! Sounds like everyone is doing good back home, always happy to hear that:) Well, ya'll gonna hate me but I didn't take any pics this week....sorry! Just been WAY busy. Like there has been so much to do here. Last P-Day we went out and did work right after I got done talking to you. So yeah, WORK WORK WORK, but I love it here in Odense:)

Yesterday was stake conference so....I got to see all my friends from Sønderborg!! Oh that was so great! Being able to speak to them better than I could when I was there was so cool! I actually had a really cool experience with the Gift of Tongues last night. I translated for 1 1/2 hours at a fireside for this girl and it went so well. I found myself kind of kicked back in awh realizing that I was able to translate all of what the speaker said. Another cool thing is we had this guy from Norway, he is in the area presidency, speak in stake conference. He spoke in Norwegian and I was able to understand quite a bit of it. Pretty sweet experience.

I'm loving it here in Odense so far. The apartment is pretty nice, way good area, great people, I'm excited to finally meet the ward in a couple weeks. Pretty stoked for conference this weekend. I love hearing from our apostles and prophet. I have a huge testimony of them and their special callings. 

So Jack is left before he even had his drivers license! That's so crazy. He is looking like a homeless man with his scruff haha. When was the last time he shaved? That's funny that Tiff got him that shirt and a razor:) 

So yeah, little summary of my new comp. Æ. Smith is from Huntingon Beach California. He has been in Denmark since the end of May. In fact, I am the oldest in my district now. It's me (9th transfer) Æ. Smith Æ. Cooper Æ. Erikson (4th Transfer) Sister Player(3rd transfer) and her new trainee Sister Barney (1st Transfer) So I guess I'm one of the "Old Dogs" now. Æ. Smith is way chill though. I can tell we are going to get along pretty easily. 

I know the Lord has a specific reason for me being here. I have seen what this mission has done for me. Things that I couldn't get out of any other place. Thanks for the email mom & dad:) I love and miss you. Thank you for the constant support you give me:)


Ældste Weese

Transfers!!  9/19/2016

Gosh, transferring sucked this morning!! 6:00am and SOOOO many people on the train and I had to lug around so much stuff...recomendation for all missionaries, don't buy everything that packet tells you to bring! I have had to ditch so much stuff in my past two areas.  So my new area is Odense and it's going way good! I already love it here:) I'm comps with another Elder Smith haha. He came in the group right before my Æ. Smith (the one I just trained) But this city is way cool!! I'm way happy:)

Yeah I said bye to everyone in Holbæk yesterday, goodbyes are always hard, I met some great people there.  Stake conference is this week, now I'm back in the Arhus stake so I will be able to see everyone from my first area!! I got here at the perfect time. I'm so excited to see them:) I was on the train for about 3 1/2 hours today, but that's cause I had to drop Æ. Smith off in Odense. Then I was on the train by myself. 1st time on my mission where I was without a comp!! It felt so weird haha!!

There are 4 zones in the mission. 6 missionaries in my district. 2 of them are sisters and I've been asked to be the new district leader. I'm way excited to work here. It's a way good area. We gonna baptize!! Sad to say goodbye to Æ. Smith but he will do some great work in Holbæk. New Æ. Smith is from California, our apartment is the smallest one I've had, but the nicest in the mission. Heated floors, dishwasher, nice furniture, yeah I'll send pics of it next week.

Hey dad you're in a good spot in the Book of Mormon. We talked about the cycle the other day in Sunday school. We talked about trying our best to avoid the prideful parts, but then we decided that we all must constantly go through that cycle. We have the power to decide how long we will stay in certain parts of it though, if that makes sense. I love the Book of Mormon. I've been reading a lot in the New Testament lately. Have you read at all of the BoM in Yappese yet?

Well I have to go, I love you mom and dad!!  Hope you have a great week!!

Ældste Weese

Goodbyes in Holbæk

6:00 am transfers at the train station

Elder Weese celebrating his one year mark!!!  9/09/2016

Hey Mom:) 1 Year down!! Pretty crazy, got less than a year left! Æ. Smith and I went out to eat at a not so mexican, mexican resturaunt. Then went out to the beach and burned a shirt! Thank you so much for the package! That was soo cool:) Put the biggest smile on my face!! You got some pretty creative ideas;) Things have been going great here though. Get transfer calls on Saturday, most likely moving areas but we will have to wait and find out! Æ. Smith has been a great companion though. He is a great missionary and at times I felt like he was training me!

So you have some goals for this next year? Sweet!! Those sounds great:) You should try to read the Book of Mormon front to back in Danish haha that's my goal. I usually do my studies in English. Sounds like you have some way awesome goals though! I know you'll be able to stick to them:)

Things have been going great here in Denmark though! I'm healthy and happy so all is well:) Mom, thanks for all the love and support. I really do miss you. Hope you have a great week! Talk to you soon, Love you mom!!

Æ. Weese