Monday, October 17, 2016

Meeting an athiest:  10/17/2016

Hey everyone! Hope this finds you all well and happy:) Life is just cruising along here in Denmark. The days are getting darker, temps droppin, wind blowin, raining, yeah its fall here in Denmark. A dark depressing winter is on its way...

So we had an awesome experience this week. We were out knocking doors when we knocked into this early 20's dane. He is completely athiest and not interesting in what we were out for. After talking for a few minutes we offered him a Book of Mormon and he said "ahh why not" I then asked if he just could give us 10 minutes. After a little hesitation he said, sure come in. Well we taught him all about the restoration which caused him to ask a lot of questions. We asked him if he was familiar with prayer and he said not really. So I told him I would say a prayer to show him and then he could try to say one. I said a short simple prayer, then looked up at him and asked him how he felt. "uhhhhh" he said "Wow, i dont know. It's hard to explain. Let me try one" so then he said a very short, yet beautiful prayer. At the end I looked up at him, asked him how he felt. With tears in his eyes "woah...I can't explain it. It's something totally new. It's almost a burning feeling inside my chest" He said. The spirit was SO strong! What an awesome experience. To see how much that made him change was amazing. He wants to continue meeting with us and read in the Book of Mormon. It was a beautiful experience. One that I will never forget. Felt way blessed after that.

Things are going pretty great out here. The temps are starting to drop. Days getting a lot shorter. Mild storms everyday. Talk is that this winter is going to be the biggest one they have had in 6 years. So looking foward to see what that brings haha.

Love and miss you all. Have a great week:)

Ældste Weese

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