Monday, October 17, 2016

Transfers!!  9/19/2016

Gosh, transferring sucked this morning!! 6:00am and SOOOO many people on the train and I had to lug around so much stuff...recomendation for all missionaries, don't buy everything that packet tells you to bring! I have had to ditch so much stuff in my past two areas.  So my new area is Odense and it's going way good! I already love it here:) I'm comps with another Elder Smith haha. He came in the group right before my Æ. Smith (the one I just trained) But this city is way cool!! I'm way happy:)

Yeah I said bye to everyone in Holbæk yesterday, goodbyes are always hard, I met some great people there.  Stake conference is this week, now I'm back in the Arhus stake so I will be able to see everyone from my first area!! I got here at the perfect time. I'm so excited to see them:) I was on the train for about 3 1/2 hours today, but that's cause I had to drop Æ. Smith off in Odense. Then I was on the train by myself. 1st time on my mission where I was without a comp!! It felt so weird haha!!

There are 4 zones in the mission. 6 missionaries in my district. 2 of them are sisters and I've been asked to be the new district leader. I'm way excited to work here. It's a way good area. We gonna baptize!! Sad to say goodbye to Æ. Smith but he will do some great work in Holbæk. New Æ. Smith is from California, our apartment is the smallest one I've had, but the nicest in the mission. Heated floors, dishwasher, nice furniture, yeah I'll send pics of it next week.

Hey dad you're in a good spot in the Book of Mormon. We talked about the cycle the other day in Sunday school. We talked about trying our best to avoid the prideful parts, but then we decided that we all must constantly go through that cycle. We have the power to decide how long we will stay in certain parts of it though, if that makes sense. I love the Book of Mormon. I've been reading a lot in the New Testament lately. Have you read at all of the BoM in Yappese yet?

Well I have to go, I love you mom and dad!!  Hope you have a great week!!

Ældste Weese

Goodbyes in Holbæk

6:00 am transfers at the train station

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