Monday, October 17, 2016

Meeting the new ward in Odense:  10/10/2016

Hej Mor!!
Haha no way? Another miracle?! Haha what changed with Jack? The haircut and the clean shave suits him well. Sounds like business as usual back home, everyone staying busy. Glad to hear everyone is happy though! I miss all the fun family get togethers. It will be so crazy to come back and see everyone grown up... Haha i laughed when I read that story about Tommy and the Cheerleaders hahahahaha what a stud! Reminds me of the good ol times;) Brock shot a pretty good size moose! Sounded like that was a great adventure.

Yeah I'm doing really good though. I think I have just reached this point where I feel like I have been a missionary my whole life haha. Not much exciting has happened lately. Just a lot of knocking and street contact, nothing to special out of that lately either:/ I loved church yesterday though! The ward I am in now is pretty awesome. I tried my best to get to know as many members as possible. I am in another big ward of about 100. One of the members served his mission in Ogden and has been up to Brigham City a lot! We talked about Maddox and a bunch of other great restuartuants (I really miss American food!!) (and how cheap it is) Food is really SO expensive here. I really need to work on budgeting my money. The ward is really great and I am happy to be hear in Odense:)  Still not feeling settled in yet in my area, hopefully I will soon. Denmark really is so beautiful!! I need to get better at taking pictures. So my comps name is Jared Thomas Smith and he is from Hunington Beach California. He has been out on his mission for 6 months. We get along pretty well. Got a bit in Common. Being District leader has been great though! I love being able to work with all the other missionaries in my district. 

I'm glad to hear you're doing good though mom. I love and miss you a lot. Thanks for all the support you give me. I hope you have a wonderful week:)

Æ. Weese

P.S. yah i got the Package Gma sent me. I'll make sure to shoot them an email.

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