Monday, October 26, 2015

October 26, 2015 1st week in Denmark!!

Hey everyone!! I've survived my first week in Denmark! It's crazy here. I thought I'd send this weeks report out to everyone. My mom made a blog There I will have each weeks report and lots of pictures so instead of sending out my whole week report to everyone, you can check it out on the blog! I still want personal emails from everyone and I will reply on my P-days which on Mondays! It's about 10:40 right now in Denmark so back home its like 1 in the morning haha.

Anywho, this week has been nuts! So it started off with me leaving the MTC Monday the 19th at 8:00 a.m. to head to the Salt Lake airport and catch a flight to Chicago. Once we got to Chicago we found out our flight had been delayed. 30 min passed, then an hour, than an hour and a half, then 2 hours, FINALLY after about 2 hours and 15 minutes our airplane was deemed "safe" and ready to cross the ocean to London. This caused us to miss our Denmark flight and we had to chill around in the London airport for about 6 hours. So we left the MTC at 8 Monday morning and finally got to Denmark about 7:30 Tuesday night. All of us were drained. We had dinner with the mission pres. and his wife at there home and spent our first night there. They are amazing people. They love their missionaries so much and I feel like I have a personal relationship with both of them, which is crazy cause they are over about 100 other missionaries!

The next day we went into Copenhagen where we had interviews with the mission pres., filled out some paper work in the mission office, then did our first ever street contacting. We were given a Book of Mormon, paired with a missionary that had been in the field for a bit, and then scurried out into the streets of Copenhagen to contact people. I was sooooo nervous. Oh my Danish is trash right now so I had no clue what to say! We got all sorts of reactions. People weren't interested, didn't even give us a second to talk, others let us speak then said they didn't care, but we were able to give some pass a long cards to a few. Later that day we found out who our companions were and our first areas.

My companions name is Ældste Jensen. He is a pretty cool guy. He comes from Sandy, Utah and has been on his mission for about 9 months. My first area is in Sønderborg. The area is pretty big and covers Sønderborg as well as a few surrounding cities and towns. Its on the very south end of Denmark and borders Germany. In fact, for baptisms, the nearest font is in Germany so we go there to do them! It took a 2 hour train ride, then a 1 hour car ride from Copenhagen to get to my apartment. So I was dead, soo much traveling. But yeah we have a pretty big area, total population around 80,000 people. No wards, just one branch with 38-40 members. They are amazing people! Some drive almost 2 hours to get to the church house! I love them so much and can't wait to get to know each one of them.

Denmark is beautiful. So many trees, small towns, old buildings, castles, bridges, boats, fields, its impossible to explain! Such a culture shock to me. I have no clue what's going on because all the signs are in Danish and everyone is speaking Danish so I feel really lost. Every day gets better though. Hopefully I can pick up on the language sometime! haha
So these past few days have been getting things done and buying what I need to so I can get settled in. We have done lots of street contacting and knocking. We get all sorts of responses here. The other night I had a conversation with a drunk about the Book of Mormon and scheduled a time to meet with him again (hopefully this time he will be sober) and that same night we were asking a lady for some directions and kind of small talking, but as soon as she realized we were missionaries she cussed us out and scurried away. That's the biggest problem here, the people are nice and are fun to talk to, but as soon as they find out we are missionaries they treat us horribly and don't even give us the time of day. haha oh well!

There have been 3 baptisms here in the past 3 years, so it's a really tough area. I feel like there is a lot we can do as missionaries to improve that, but I need to get my Danish down before I can really do anything.
My apartment is cool, just this tiny little one bedroom, one bathroom, a living room, and a kitchen that is so small you can touch both ends if you extend your arms straight out. Super small, old, but hey we have a piano (with about 15 broken strings and extremely out of tune) and some pretty soft couches (that are junk, but hey still soft haha) 
The food here is BOMB! My favorite to drink right now is called Saft. It's this super high concentrate of flavor that is put in water. It comes in tons of different flavors of berry and tastes delicious! The chocolate and pastries here are the BEST! All the food is pretty good just extremely expensive. Everything here is way expensive. I had to drop 600 Krowns (roughly 100 bucks) on a Dyna (super soft and puffy blanket) so I stay warm and don't freeze to death at night. The temperatures are dropping everyday because of the oncoming winter. It's crazy, the sun rises around 7 and is completely down by like 5:30, When we contact in the evenings after dinner I feel like it's midnight!

Pretty crazy lifestyle here. All of Denmark basically is Sex, Alcohol, Partying, and just living in the moment. Everywhere you go it's like naked people on the buses, signs, advertising. We never go door to door on Friday nights cause everyone is just slammed and partying! You'll get drunks answering the door, or naked people and we just think "ohhh boy, here we go again" It's all good though cause me and my comp are making the best out of it all and when someone tells us to eff off or kill ourselves, we just walk away laughing.

Denmark is great though! It's been such an adventure this first week. I already love the Danish people (which is a huge mixing pot also, there are a lot of Islam refugees here and people from all over the world going to school here because it is free) Denmark is BEAUTIFUL! Basically just getting used to the area. I know that I will have tons of stories each week about investigators and the great work that we are doing here.

I love and miss everyone back home and hope the best for you all! Vi ses, hej hej 
Ældste Weese
            fra Sønderborg Denmark

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Elder Weese's 6th email & last one from the MTC:

Hey everybody! Last P-day at the MTC! I'm so excited! Thanks for all the Dear Elders:)  Umm really it has just been the same old, nothing new to email about other than I had two more visits at the surgeon, he says things are looking good!! This past few days though I have been really sick. I guarantee it's strep throat cause I have these nasty white sores on the back of my throat. I'll find out today though cause I made a doc appointment for 9:40. I really don't have anything to email about though because I have been sick and in bed all day!

So here are my flight plans. I fly out of Salt Lake Monday at 1:25p.m., I land in Chicago at 5:35p.m. then fly out at 6:20p.m., I then land in Hethrow London at 8:05 a.m. on Tuesday and fly out at 9:55a.m., then I land in Denmark at 12:50p.m.

It's pretty confusing and I don't have any long layovers but I figured out all the times I can call you, I won't know exactly when until I am there but I would call you anytime between 12 and 1p.m. or 4:35 to 5:20p.m. or if either of those don't work it would be 1:05 to 2:05a.m. tuesday morning. That's all in Utah time!!!

Which brings me to what I need before I leave, if you could send this stuff today so I can get it before saturday that would be great!  I need some cash cause I have to pay like 51 bucks for my luggage, I'm all out of cash because of doc visits, medicine, and a haircut. I need a copy of my social number. My priesthood line of authority, my other set of scriptures, some of those collor inserts for my white shirts, my electric razor, some face wash. I don't need anymore food or treats cause I won't be able to take those with me. Haha sorry if I sound demanding, its just some things I really need before I leave.  Thanks mom!!!

Heard Jack got his Eagle project done! Thats awesome buddy! I'm so proud of you:) Hope everyone back home is doing well:) I honestly am so excited to head out to Denmark!

Probably the biggest thing I have learned here at the MTC is how important hard work and obedience is. I can see a huge difference with how much I am able to get done, feel the spirit, and retain when I learn becuase of those two things.

I have a lot to get done before I head out, so I have to go, sorry this is so short.  Can't wait to call you!! I love you guys so much:)

Elder Weese

Monday, October 12, 2015

Elder Weese's 5th email 10/7/2015:

So just a little background before I post his email, Parker had surgery in April for a growth on his tailbone. We thought all was going well with his recovery, then about 1 month before he left, his incision opened up again. He went to the Dr. several times & had a chemical put on it to help it close, but it still wouldn't. So 2 days before he left for the MTC he had 4 stitches put in it. Having a son leave for a mission is stressful enough, but sending him there with a medical condition made it even worse. So when he writes about his stitches or seeing the surgeon, that is what he is referring too. We have prayed & fasted for his wound to heal & not cause him anymore problems. Especially since he is going to a bicycling riding mission. There has been tender mercies all along the way that have made us realize Heavenly Father is aware of us & Parker's desire to serve in Denmark. This email is one that reaffirmed to me, that when you are doing what you've been called to do, Heavenly Father will bless you with what you need.

Parker's email:

Hey!! How was everyone's week? I hope you all got my letters I sent. What did you all think of conference weekend? I absolutely loved it! I have never listened as close as I was able to this weekend. I have pages and pages of notes. I was able to hear something that I needed from everyone that spoke. It was sad to see Pres. Monson struggle through his talk. One of my favorite talks was Elder Holland's. When he compared a mothers love to the love of Christ. Mom, it sure had me choked up. I hope you know that I recognize all that you have done for me. There isn't any other person in my life that has sacrificed as much and loved me as much as you do. I'm eternally grateful for that and I'm deeply sorry if I have ever made you feel otherwise.
This week has been a pretty good one for me. I visited the surgeon a couple more times since my last email, this Friday should be my last visit! I love going there. I call it my little "Field trip to the outside world" I get to watch Planet Earth on the T.V. in the waiting room. That is my new favorite show cause It's the only T.V. I ever see.
Everything here at the MTC has basically been the same though, still on the same schedule, so hopefully things will spice up once I get out into the field. I had an experience this week though that really changed everything for me though. No doubt probably one of the most spiritual experiences I have ever had.
So during this 4 hour period of study time we had yesterday, I told my comp we should study outside cause it was such a nice day! Non-members are more than welcome to visit the MTC, when they get here, they are given a golden nametag which tells us missionaries that they are investigators and can be approached to talk to! For the past week I've been having a hard time staying motivated and knowing that what I am doing is really worth while. Well yesterday, while we were studying outside (which we never do) a non member named Domenic (a man probably in his late 40s) approached us & extremely emotional. He shook my hand got to know me a little bit, then looked me in the eyes and said some things I will never forget. Come to find out he has a grandson that is serving a mission in Florida, but he still has never had any sort of association with the church. He told me though that he felt the need to visit the MTC to figure out what we were all about because he wanted to know what his grandson was doing. He told me that he thinks it is amazing that us as missionaries would drop everything, sacrificing 2 years of our lives and everything that goes with it to go out and preach the word of God. He said that as soon as he saw me he felt like what we were doing was of God and that what we are teaching is true. He couldn't stop telling me how much he loves the missionaries and how the world needs to hear the message that we share. It made me so happy and I could feel the spirit more than I ever have before. I love Domenic and hopefully will be talking to him again soon.
No more than 5 minutes later, a man named Dennis approached us with a few questions about the church. He, his whole life being catholic, heard rumors how we aren't christian, but when he sees that we are "The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints" it confuses him! How can we not be Christians if Jesus Christ is in our name itself?! He asked me if we believed in the same Jesus as he does and I told him yes and by the spirit was able to bear a powerful testimony of the savior to him. He asked for a Book of Mormon so I gave him one, suggested some scriptures that he should read. He wants to meet with us as much as he can before with leave for Denmark. He told me that there is something about me and my comp that just glows and he feels so comfortable with.

These two experiences have made me so much stronger and were exactly what I needed. Tender mercies from God. It's crazy how the gospel does this but I absolutely love Domenic and Dennis so much and I barely have met them! When I see someone without the gospel in their lives, and the questions that have because of it, really makes me appreciate the knowledge and sense of peace I receive from it. I love the gospel of Jesus Christ:)
I hope everyone back home is doing well:) Sorry if my sentences sounds weird, I'm at this awkward stage with Danish where I still don't really understand it but now my English is starting to get pretty bad! Sentence structure and spelling are so different. 
I almost forgot to tell you! So my biggest worry the past couple of weeks is that I could get reassigned. Every Doc I have met with has said that and they have made multiple calls to Salt Lake. It stressed me out so much and I constantly worried that I would be reassigned to somewhere in the states. Well, before the Saturday session of conference started, I felt inspired to read my patriarchal blessing. I came to the part that says something along the lines of "The spirit will guide me to the homes and hearts of the people in DENMARK where I am called to serve" After seeing that I felt a rush of peace. That really made me know that no matter what, I'm serving in Denmark!
So yeah, thought I would share that with you!
Thanks for the letters and packages you send:) They make my day! I love and miss all you guys so much! 
Gud Velsigner, vi ses hej hej

Ældste Weese

Elder Weese's 4th email: 9/30/2015

Hey everybody! Thank you so much for the package you sent me:) You have no idea how happy that made me! This week by far has been the hardest, so that really cheered me up! Tell Tommy I'm already pro at the Kendama or however you spell it! I play with that thing every night!

So yeah they took the stitches out on Friday, saw that it was still open, so Monday I took a little field trip to a building basically on BYU campus and met with a surgeon. I meet with him again on Friday. They just did a few things with chemicals and stuff but its still open. Doesn't hurt or bother me at all, just wide open! So hopefully by Friday itll be even better! I was just stoked that I got to leave the MTC!! 

I'm so happy to hear that Jack is getting his eagle project done! He is going to kill it! When does basketball start? Tommy is a dead-eye I hear! He sounds ready to go hunting!

These week has just been a lot of down time laying around cause I couldn't go to class. A lot of language and scripture study!

Gaining a little bit of weight. I've been eating so much food! haha

I got released from being a Zone Leader. More than halfway done with the MTC!
I love getting the dear elders from you. I save them all and re read them here and there. Sounds like the business has been doing good which makes me happy:)

Last nights devotional we had Elder Costa from the presidency of the 70 come. He gave an awesome talk about missionary work. He himself was a convert at the age of 20 something I believe and he absolutely loves the missionaries! He gave this quote that really stuck out for me, "You can easily cut into an apple and count the seeds, but you cant look at the seeds and count the apples that it will produce." He related that to missionary work and the impact we will have on generations of families that we won't even see.

This email is short because im writing each of you a letter that's more personal which you will get sometime this week:) Bottom line is that I miss you guys so much! I'm really home sick and all the down time I have had has made it so much worse. I love our family pictures! I have some hanging on my wall next to my bed and I look through that book constantly!
I hope everyone is doing well back home:) I cannot wait to get out into the field! Thank you so much for all the love and support you guys give me! You are the most important people in my life and I hope you all know that I think of you constantly! I'll be able to email here and there throughout the day if any of you get on! If not, you'll be getting a letter here soon:) I love you guys! Jeg elsker di! Vi ses

Ælsdte Weese

P.S. That picutre? Yeah, thats what the MTC does to you... haha

Elder Weese's 3rd email: 9/23/2015

Well, I can't believe its already been 2 whole weeks! My Danish still sucks and now my English does too because of the Danish haha! Hope things with the dealerships are getting better. That sucked hearing about all that had gone on:/ Pretty jacked up for people to think they can do stuff like that. JACK IS 16!!! HOLY CRAP!!! I can't believe it! The bro is driving a truck! haha that picture made my day! I wish I had a cool truck like that... I love getting pics from home so keep sending them:)

Well I've taught about 7 lessons in Danish. It's honestly the coolest/hardest language! I can't wait to share it with you guys when we Skype on Christmas! Hopefully by then I'll know it a bit better haha. Yeah all the vowels a, e, i, o, u, y, æ, ø, å, all are pronounced so different that English! So my spelling in English sucks even more because of that haha.
So some kid took 20 servings of laxatives as a joke the other day and had to be rushed to the hospital...yeah, pretty dumb! I guess he has been there for a couple days now. He was supposed to go to Pocatello Idaho in the morning but that's probably been put on hold.

I get the stitches out on Friday! They haven't given me any sort of problems other than being a little sore. 
I've been getting all the Dear Elders from you guys! I love them, they really make my day! I miss all of you so much! Keep me updated on everything back home:) 

Everyday here is basically the same. but its good, and I stay extremely busy.  After 2 weeks, my stomach is finally back to normal. Guess I just had to get used to the food haha. The food tastes great! It just wrecks your insides haha. 
Sunday we had the guy that does choir and the spoken word come speak to us which was really good, and yesterday we had Greg A. Cardon of the 70 come and speak. The devotionals here are the best! He talked a little bit about Richard G Scott, which as you all probably heard passed away yesterday.

Things with the companion have gotten a lot better. He is a pretty nice guy, just really over the top sometimes. 

Things are really good and I cant wait to get  to the Field Oct 19. I love you guys so much!! My roommates are probably sick of hearing me brag about my family all the time haha! Vi ses!

Ældste Weese

Elder Weese's 2nd email: 9/16/2015

Hey guys! I miss all of you so much! I hope everything back home is good! Thank you so much for the letters and packages, that totally makes my day when i get those! If you sent anymore, keep up the junk food and snacks, Diet Mtn dews would be awesome, and some sort of toy haha. I'd kill for a tennis ball or something to keep my sanity. One of the Elders in my room got a basketball hoop for the door so thats been my getaway so far. 
I'm a Zone leader over 40 Elders and 4 Sisters. Ive already taught 5 investigators in Danish. That is crazy hard! its amazing though how to spirit guides my words cause all our lessons and discussions are in Danish and somehow i know whats going on!

Its great to hear about everything back home:) Keep telling me about all that goes on. Yeah i could hear the BYU game while it was happening which was awesome! I get really homesick at night, but my days are too busy to think about anything! My schedule consists of waking up everyday at 6, personal study till 8, breakfast till 8:30, Gym till 9:20 (Which I can't do because of my stitches:/), shower and get ready, then language class is 9:50 till 12:50, Lunch, Then class again from 1:50 to 5:50, Dinner, Then class from 6:50 to 9:30. Then Personal time, Quiet time at 10:15, Then lights out at 10:30. Sometimes things change cause of the responsibilities I have and an occasional devotional. Bottom line though is its non stop from the moment you get up, till the time i crawl into bed. On Sundays we have Sacrament meeting and that day is always the best cause there is more down time. Wednesdays are my favorite cause I get to write you guys:) 

We had an awesome devotional yesterday and the General Primary Pres. came and spoke to us. 
If you could send me printout pictures and putty to hang them thatd be great:) I miss all of you so much. Hopefully I'll have more time to write you tonight, but im super busy today cause of new missionaries in my zone. Here are some pictures though:) Sorry ill get better at writing as time goes on.

Here is a challange for you though, Listen the the talk "The Purifying Power of Gethsemani" by Bruce R McConkie. Its really powerful. Email me your response to it!
I love you guys so much and I think about you every single day! Here is a picture of me and my companion.
I love you!

Ældste Weese

Jeg vil at du er Guds børn!

Elder Weese's 1st email: 9/11/2015

Hey guys!! Holy crap, I have so much to talk about and its only been 1 day! This email is super short because my p day isn't till wednesday and the point of this email is to let you know that. So yeah, longer, more in depth email will come on wednesdays. Umm just a short summary though, i'm getting my stitches out on the 25th so things are all good there. Danish is so freaking hard and i teach my first investigator in danish tomorrow... I was assigned to be a zone leader today though! I ran into Jordan and Jake and that totally cheered me up. Ill be sure to send pictures in my next email. If you plan on sending anything send a pair of jeans, my danish flag, sleeping pills (cause i cant sleep) and treats:) haha i love you guys so much! Jack, tommy, be good to mom and dad. Sorry this is so short but i have to go. Cant wait to hear from you! I love you all!!

oh yeah, we had 617 missionaries come to the MTC on wednesday, so i dont feel to alone.

My companion is cool, but its going to take a lot before things are great!

Elder Weese

Our last few hugs for 2 years!!