Monday, October 12, 2015

Elder Weese's 4th email: 9/30/2015

Hey everybody! Thank you so much for the package you sent me:) You have no idea how happy that made me! This week by far has been the hardest, so that really cheered me up! Tell Tommy I'm already pro at the Kendama or however you spell it! I play with that thing every night!

So yeah they took the stitches out on Friday, saw that it was still open, so Monday I took a little field trip to a building basically on BYU campus and met with a surgeon. I meet with him again on Friday. They just did a few things with chemicals and stuff but its still open. Doesn't hurt or bother me at all, just wide open! So hopefully by Friday itll be even better! I was just stoked that I got to leave the MTC!! 

I'm so happy to hear that Jack is getting his eagle project done! He is going to kill it! When does basketball start? Tommy is a dead-eye I hear! He sounds ready to go hunting!

These week has just been a lot of down time laying around cause I couldn't go to class. A lot of language and scripture study!

Gaining a little bit of weight. I've been eating so much food! haha

I got released from being a Zone Leader. More than halfway done with the MTC!
I love getting the dear elders from you. I save them all and re read them here and there. Sounds like the business has been doing good which makes me happy:)

Last nights devotional we had Elder Costa from the presidency of the 70 come. He gave an awesome talk about missionary work. He himself was a convert at the age of 20 something I believe and he absolutely loves the missionaries! He gave this quote that really stuck out for me, "You can easily cut into an apple and count the seeds, but you cant look at the seeds and count the apples that it will produce." He related that to missionary work and the impact we will have on generations of families that we won't even see.

This email is short because im writing each of you a letter that's more personal which you will get sometime this week:) Bottom line is that I miss you guys so much! I'm really home sick and all the down time I have had has made it so much worse. I love our family pictures! I have some hanging on my wall next to my bed and I look through that book constantly!
I hope everyone is doing well back home:) I cannot wait to get out into the field! Thank you so much for all the love and support you guys give me! You are the most important people in my life and I hope you all know that I think of you constantly! I'll be able to email here and there throughout the day if any of you get on! If not, you'll be getting a letter here soon:) I love you guys! Jeg elsker di! Vi ses

Ælsdte Weese

P.S. That picutre? Yeah, thats what the MTC does to you... haha

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