Monday, October 12, 2015

Elder Weese's 3rd email: 9/23/2015

Well, I can't believe its already been 2 whole weeks! My Danish still sucks and now my English does too because of the Danish haha! Hope things with the dealerships are getting better. That sucked hearing about all that had gone on:/ Pretty jacked up for people to think they can do stuff like that. JACK IS 16!!! HOLY CRAP!!! I can't believe it! The bro is driving a truck! haha that picture made my day! I wish I had a cool truck like that... I love getting pics from home so keep sending them:)

Well I've taught about 7 lessons in Danish. It's honestly the coolest/hardest language! I can't wait to share it with you guys when we Skype on Christmas! Hopefully by then I'll know it a bit better haha. Yeah all the vowels a, e, i, o, u, y, æ, ø, å, all are pronounced so different that English! So my spelling in English sucks even more because of that haha.
So some kid took 20 servings of laxatives as a joke the other day and had to be rushed to the hospital...yeah, pretty dumb! I guess he has been there for a couple days now. He was supposed to go to Pocatello Idaho in the morning but that's probably been put on hold.

I get the stitches out on Friday! They haven't given me any sort of problems other than being a little sore. 
I've been getting all the Dear Elders from you guys! I love them, they really make my day! I miss all of you so much! Keep me updated on everything back home:) 

Everyday here is basically the same. but its good, and I stay extremely busy.  After 2 weeks, my stomach is finally back to normal. Guess I just had to get used to the food haha. The food tastes great! It just wrecks your insides haha. 
Sunday we had the guy that does choir and the spoken word come speak to us which was really good, and yesterday we had Greg A. Cardon of the 70 come and speak. The devotionals here are the best! He talked a little bit about Richard G Scott, which as you all probably heard passed away yesterday.

Things with the companion have gotten a lot better. He is a pretty nice guy, just really over the top sometimes. 

Things are really good and I cant wait to get  to the Field Oct 19. I love you guys so much!! My roommates are probably sick of hearing me brag about my family all the time haha! Vi ses!

Ældste Weese

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