Monday, January 18, 2016

An eternal perspective: 1/18/2016

Hey everyone!! Well my new comp is great! Elder Shawn Gudmundson from Logan!! We get along way well! Him being from Logan, we talk about so much stuff from back home! Haha it honestly gets me so trunky, but we have a good time and we are going to get a lot of work done here in Sønderborg. In fact, we have a new investigator and he is awesome! We got him to come to church yesterday and he has been reading in the Book of Mormon! I hope and pray he continues to progress!

It's cool to hear that we talk about the exact same things in Sunday School. We talked about Lehi's dream yesterday also! I love that story in the Book of Mormon. It really helps me realize just how important it is to have that eternal perspective in life. The things in the great and spacious building can be very enticing, but we are not going to progress at all being there.

Sorry this is so short, I don't have a lot of time, but here are a few pictures from the week. Thanks for your emails and all the support you give me! They really help me through everything here:) I love you all & hope you have a great week!!

Ældste Weese            Have det godt
New comp. Ældste Gudmundson 

Sønderborg we come!!

I think home is that way??
Ældste Weese studying hard!!

Monday, January 11, 2016

New comp. & new goals for Ældste Weese: 1/11/2016

Hey everyone! Hope you all had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!! Anyone got any goals for 2k16? I do, near the top of my list...LEARN DANISH!! haha the language is coming but I have a long ways to go. I can't believe how crazy it was here over New Years! Like seriously, you all need to look up on YouTube New Years Eve in Denmark. It's indescribable!! Like I honestly thought I was in a war zone with how many fireworks there were! It was a lot of fun though! We were able to spend it with two families in our branch. It was great:)

After all the holiday chaos settled down, it was straight back to the missionary work. Which has been really slow in Sønderborg. Hopefully we can get thinks to kick up here soon! This week was pretty busy! We had a way fun district activity up in Esbjerg. We went ice skating! Everything was great, until one of the sisters rolled her ankle pretty bad, so we ended up taking a trip to the hospital. Luckly nothing broken! After that Æ. Jensen and I took a train to Fredericia. Where we went on splits with our zone leaders. So bottom line we weren't in Sønderborg much this week.

So transfers are today!! I am staying in Sønderborg, but my comp Æ. Jensen is going to Ballerup. It's going be different having a new comp. Æ. Jensen and I had a great time, he was a great trainer. My new comp is Æ. Gudmundson. I don't know anything about him other than his name haha but I hear he is great! I get to meet him later today.

We finally have snow here in Denmark! Not a lot, especially comparing it to Utah, but we have a little! Sure has got me trunky and thinking about snowboarding. I'm loving it here in Denmark though:) Everyday I seem to be learning something new. 

God truly has blessed my life in so many ways! I pray for all of you back home and I hope everyone is doing great:) I can't believe how fast time is flying by here. Love you all! Vi vil snakkes næste uge! Vi Ses 

MVH Ældste Weese
New Year's goal...kicking the cola addition!!
Goodbye Ældste Jensen, goodluck in Ballerup!!

Monday, January 4, 2016

Godt Nytår- Happy New Year 1/4/2016

Hey mom & dad!!! Sorry if this seems short and chaotic, I have to take an EP-Day today because of a district activity this week up in Espjerg. That's also why I won't be sending out a weekly report, but anyways. Happy New Year!!
Oh my gosh....I honestly thought I was in the middle of a war zone in Iraq over New Year's. They go CRAZY here! Like look up on youtube videos of New Year's fireworks in Denmark, they go all out!! I have some really good videos of it all that I'll try to figure out how to send next week. Bottom line though is it was insane. We ate dinner with familien Kuntz and Eriksen and watched them light a few fireworks, I about got blown up hahaha. One of the rocket ones never left the ground haha. It was a way fun time! We had to be back inside our apartments at 10 and we could stay up till 1, well we couldn't even fall asleep with how crazy it was! The picture I'm sending you of what looks like fog is actually the aftermath of some of these fireworks haha.
Just to answer your questions really fast:
Yes, New Years is a huge deal here in Denmark! My church starts at 10 goes til 12. We just have sacrament and sunday school, we are studying the same things you are, just in Danish! haha. No snow, just FREEZING temperatures. The wind makes it so cold here.  No news about transfers but I am basically 100 percent positive I will still be in Sønderborg, I will get a new comp though. Ældste Jensen has been here for like 5 or 6 transfers!
The week has been great. Only one teaching appointment. Shashank is on date for baptism!!!! He will be in India though so it just gives him a day to work for.  I am improving with the language, but I feel like I should already know way more than I do. My comp speaks Danish pretty well.
Thanks again for all that both of you do:) I miss you two so much! I think a lot about all the great funny memories we have as a family:) You both have been such a huge example to me! I love you two so much! Have a great week:) I can't wait to hear from you again!
Vi ses
Ældste Weese