Monday, May 16, 2016

"For behold the field is white already to harvest..." In Denmark the field is yellow:  5/16/2016 

Hey Ya'll! Hope you all have had a great week! It's been a long one here for me, but I am working hard. At the beginning of the week I was able to check out this really sweet viking ship museum in Roskilde! It was way sweet to see. They have recovered some wreckage from old viking ships and reconstructed what they had found. Today is the start of a new transfer. #6 in the land!! I will be staying in Holbæk with Æ. McBride. I am pretty excited about that. Æ. McBride is an awesome missionary!

We have been working our butts off. Doing a TON of finding. Sadly no lessons this last week, but with all the finding we have been doing we know we will have someone to teach soon! 

Denmark gets prettier everyday:) The famous yellow flowers are starting to come out which is awesome! For a while there we had some pretty awesome weather too! We were on splits with both our Zoneleaders than with the Æ. from Køge. This next week it will be back to some more finding, praying to find someone prepared for the Gospel. 

Jeg håber at i have en rigtigt god uge! Hej Hej
Æ. Weese

Preach My Gospel Studies: 5/2/2016

This last Sunday I was asked to teach mission prep, so I asked Elder Weese to give me some of his thoughts about Christlike Attributes.  I loved that he took pictures of his book and sent them to me!!  As a mom, one of my greatest joys is to see the change in him as he serves.  Here are his thoughts from his studies last week:

Hi mom,

Well I did my studies in chapter 6 of Preach My Gospel and got quite a bit out of it:)
The biggest thing is that I learned that these Christ like atrributes aren't just a one time, learn them then you got them deal. But they are a lifestyle, something we strive for every single day! It's because of the atonement that we are able to work at them. The biggest help we can receive is through prayer. 

Faith- Faith in Jesus Christ is first and formost though. Without it, nothing else is possible. It is the foundation to our efforts and everything we do. Remember faith without works is dead. We must have faith even if we fully don't understand. God's power is unmatched and it works according to our faith. Our faith in Christ increases as we learn of him.

Hope- We must have hope that it will all work out. Hope and faith work hand in hand. It is hope that allows us to stay happy in hard times.

Charity and love- To love one another is a commandment from God, therefore he is willing to help us love others. We show God our love for him by being obedient and loving others.

Virtue- virtue covers both our thoughts and actions. Uplifting thoughts have a huge influence on whether or not we are virtuous. Don't leave room for darkness in your mind.

Knowledge- It also is a comandemt to progress both spiritually as well as physically. Knowledge is great when we avoid being prideful. In the gospel, we are always learning.

Patience- Being patient shows God that we trust him and his timing. Things he does will always be for our gain.

Humility- humility is submissiveness, thankfulness, and selfless. It is not a weakness but rather a spiritual strength. The only way we will be able to understand God is by being humble. Rely on God rather than yourself. Pride is a gateway to so many other sins.

Diligence- diligence is not just scraping by with the requirements but doing all that we can! Getting lost in the work.

Obedience- Nothing gets done as a missionary if you are not obedient.

This were just some quick notes I took during my studies. I have learned that we should pick an attribute, study, then strive to be better at it!

Hope this all helps:)
Elder Weese

Monday, May 9, 2016

Med Kærlig Hilsen: 5/9/2016

Hey you guys! Oh it was so great being able to see you yesterday! Wow, that went by way too fast! Before you know it, we will be skyping again and I will be over my year mark!! I hope you guys continued to have a good day yesterday:)

So yeah, Martin Stokholm, the member's house we were skyping from, was talking about all the service we have done for his family. He has some sort of illness, I believe it has to do with cancer in his lungs and other places, as well as something that attacks all his muscles. So he can't really do much without being exhausted and he is on some sort of medicine that actually is what keeps him alive. So we have been over helping them paint their house and remodel their backyard. Good hard work, but I love being over there. They are an awesome family:)

Thank you all so much for your words of encouragement and support! It really means so much to me and I left that Skype feeling like I could conquer the world! So thanks:) "Missions aren't easy, because the atonement wasn't cheap" I know that is true.

You all looked so great though:) Hahaha everyone sounds and looks the same, except for Jack and Tommy growing like weeds! It makes me so happy to see the smiles on your faces and know that you are doing good:)

Like I said in our Skype, I really am working hard! The mission has changed me a lot and it is all for the better. I hope you all have a killer awesome week:) I love you so much!! Vi snakkes, hej hej

MKH (Med Kærlig Hilsen) (With Loving Regards)
Æ. Weese

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

5,000 year old Gravhøj:  5/2/2016

Hey everyone! Another awesome week in Denmark has flown by! Hope you all are doing well:)  Sorry but I have been way short on time today cause we have some lessons on our P-Day, so my email will be short, but here are a few experiences I've had this week.

So this week I had a way cool experience! I was able to go inside a 5,000 year old Gravhøj!! That's right FIVE THOUSAND years old! So crazy. It's a burial tomb for vikings. So yeah that was pretty awesome to be inside. Denmark is full of really old, cool sites like that! In my new area, Holbæk, there actually are a lot of those Gravhøjs. The one I went in is the oldest and biggest though.

We did a ton of service this week! Lots of yard work, help on the farm, and helping people move. So my back is a little wrecked, but oh well I am here to serve!  We have set one of our investigators on baptism date! And we have been doing a lot of finding. House after house, apartment complex after apartment complex, yeah I basically have been everywhere in Holbæk but that's pretty easy as a missionary! 

That is sad to hear about Aunt Bonnie. I can only imagine how hard that must be for Grandma Leslie and Grandma Kenna. I definitely will have them all in my prayers. It is so comforting to know that our Savior, Jesus Christ, broke the bands of death so this life isn't all that we have, but we have eternities ahead of us! I know Bonnie was welcomed home with open arms and that God has a special plan for her. I pray that this knowledge of the Atonement and Plan of Salvation comforts you all back home as it does for me.

Well I don't have a lot of time today, but I hope you all have a great week and happy Mother's Day on Sunday! I love you guys soooo much and honestly can't wait to Skype with you on Sunday:)  I love you guys!

Æ. Weese