Monday, May 9, 2016

Med Kærlig Hilsen: 5/9/2016

Hey you guys! Oh it was so great being able to see you yesterday! Wow, that went by way too fast! Before you know it, we will be skyping again and I will be over my year mark!! I hope you guys continued to have a good day yesterday:)

So yeah, Martin Stokholm, the member's house we were skyping from, was talking about all the service we have done for his family. He has some sort of illness, I believe it has to do with cancer in his lungs and other places, as well as something that attacks all his muscles. So he can't really do much without being exhausted and he is on some sort of medicine that actually is what keeps him alive. So we have been over helping them paint their house and remodel their backyard. Good hard work, but I love being over there. They are an awesome family:)

Thank you all so much for your words of encouragement and support! It really means so much to me and I left that Skype feeling like I could conquer the world! So thanks:) "Missions aren't easy, because the atonement wasn't cheap" I know that is true.

You all looked so great though:) Hahaha everyone sounds and looks the same, except for Jack and Tommy growing like weeds! It makes me so happy to see the smiles on your faces and know that you are doing good:)

Like I said in our Skype, I really am working hard! The mission has changed me a lot and it is all for the better. I hope you all have a killer awesome week:) I love you so much!! Vi snakkes, hej hej

MKH (Med Kærlig Hilsen) (With Loving Regards)
Æ. Weese

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