Monday, October 12, 2015

Elder Weese's 1st email: 9/11/2015

Hey guys!! Holy crap, I have so much to talk about and its only been 1 day! This email is super short because my p day isn't till wednesday and the point of this email is to let you know that. So yeah, longer, more in depth email will come on wednesdays. Umm just a short summary though, i'm getting my stitches out on the 25th so things are all good there. Danish is so freaking hard and i teach my first investigator in danish tomorrow... I was assigned to be a zone leader today though! I ran into Jordan and Jake and that totally cheered me up. Ill be sure to send pictures in my next email. If you plan on sending anything send a pair of jeans, my danish flag, sleeping pills (cause i cant sleep) and treats:) haha i love you guys so much! Jack, tommy, be good to mom and dad. Sorry this is so short but i have to go. Cant wait to hear from you! I love you all!!

oh yeah, we had 617 missionaries come to the MTC on wednesday, so i dont feel to alone.

My companion is cool, but its going to take a lot before things are great!

Elder Weese

Our last few hugs for 2 years!!

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