Monday, October 17, 2016

2nd week in Odense:  10/3/2016

Hey Mom!
Haha what a great miracle story hahaha. You need to send me a picture of Jack now that he is all clean shaven. Wonder what got into him?

This last week has been good! Sorry I suck at emailing. I ain't too good at it plus I don't know what to write about! Sometimes it's all just the same for weeks straight. I did take some pics though so I'll be sure to throw those on Google Plus today. Grocery shopping sucks when you're in a bike area. The stores aren't too close by so we have to bike home with our bags....yeah not too fun. I've been eating like junk lately. I need to sit down and create a better meal plan and FOLLOW it haha. I've been really bad at sitting down and making big meals, usually I just snack all day haha. Yeah these past couple of weeks I've just felt really out of it. I love Odense, just don't feel settled in yet I guess. Still haven't met the ward cause of Conferences, Stake and General. Conference was great! I only have been able to see the Priesthood session and the Saturday Afternoon. Today I will watch both the Sunday ones. Yeah President Monson was struggling in the Preisthood session. He is getting pretty old. That's cool that you chatted with Eva for a bit! They are an awesome family. I sure miss them. 

To answer your question about Spanish, NOPE haha. I have forgotton like all of it. I have met a couple spanish speaking people and tried to communicate with them and it didn't work out too well. That's funny about giving Tommy 20 bucks and him just coming back with a dollor, yeah, sounds a lot like me! The temperatures are starting to drop over here that's for sure! I will make sure to look up and re read those talks that you liked! I really liked D. Todd Christoffersons from Saturday afternoon session.

I've been doing good though! It is crazy how fast time has flown by. I do feel a little distant from you guys, but I guess it just comes with being away for over a year. I am really excited to Skype again on Christmas. 13 weeks seems like a long time though:/ Thanks for everything though mom. I'm around a couple of missionaries who are struggling with some things back home, un supportive family and other issues that are really making them think about going home. I am truly grateful for all the support you give me. It would suck to have my mom telling me every week that I should come home. So thanks:)

I miss you a lot and hope all is well back home! Have a great week. I love you:)

Æ. Weese

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