Monday, October 17, 2016

What!?! No Pictures!!:  9/26/2016

Hey you two!! Sounds like everyone is doing good back home, always happy to hear that:) Well, ya'll gonna hate me but I didn't take any pics this week....sorry! Just been WAY busy. Like there has been so much to do here. Last P-Day we went out and did work right after I got done talking to you. So yeah, WORK WORK WORK, but I love it here in Odense:)

Yesterday was stake conference so....I got to see all my friends from Sønderborg!! Oh that was so great! Being able to speak to them better than I could when I was there was so cool! I actually had a really cool experience with the Gift of Tongues last night. I translated for 1 1/2 hours at a fireside for this girl and it went so well. I found myself kind of kicked back in awh realizing that I was able to translate all of what the speaker said. Another cool thing is we had this guy from Norway, he is in the area presidency, speak in stake conference. He spoke in Norwegian and I was able to understand quite a bit of it. Pretty sweet experience.

I'm loving it here in Odense so far. The apartment is pretty nice, way good area, great people, I'm excited to finally meet the ward in a couple weeks. Pretty stoked for conference this weekend. I love hearing from our apostles and prophet. I have a huge testimony of them and their special callings. 

So Jack is left before he even had his drivers license! That's so crazy. He is looking like a homeless man with his scruff haha. When was the last time he shaved? That's funny that Tiff got him that shirt and a razor:) 

So yeah, little summary of my new comp. Æ. Smith is from Huntingon Beach California. He has been in Denmark since the end of May. In fact, I am the oldest in my district now. It's me (9th transfer) Æ. Smith Æ. Cooper Æ. Erikson (4th Transfer) Sister Player(3rd transfer) and her new trainee Sister Barney (1st Transfer) So I guess I'm one of the "Old Dogs" now. Æ. Smith is way chill though. I can tell we are going to get along pretty easily. 

I know the Lord has a specific reason for me being here. I have seen what this mission has done for me. Things that I couldn't get out of any other place. Thanks for the email mom & dad:) I love and miss you. Thank you for the constant support you give me:)


Ældste Weese

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