Wednesday, April 20, 2016

First week in new area: Holbæk 4/11/2016

Hey Ma!! How's it going? Sorry this email is getting to you so much later in the day, I had my language test this morning to see if I can stay in Denmark! Hopefully I passed!!

New Area, New comp!! Pretty awesome place:) It's so wierd being in a new place cause I was so used to being in Sønderborg! I am loving it though:) The ward has about 120 members in church!! SOOOOO different then the 25-30 that were in Sønderborg. So yeah, that's a huge change! I am about an hour away from Copenhagen!! Different zone. Denmark is split into 4 zones. I am in a car area, but I just got cleared yesterday to ride a bike! So I'll be buying a bike here soon which I am WAY excited for:)

New apartment is a lot smaller than the last one. No washer or dryer in the place except for a shared one in the basement. Pretty groovy place though:) Kitchen and bathroom are bigger and nicer and because today is p day we have a fridge full of food so I am a happy camper!   Days are getting a lot longer and a lot warmer! I get up and run everyday at 6:30 and the sun is already up:)

Holy cow, sounds like you guys had a way fun time!! I loved getting all those pics:) Sorry I couldn't send any last week, the internet was shot, and it still kind of is so I don't know when I will be able to send any:/ But it makes me so happy to see all the fun you are having:) Haha Yeah I remember that long car drive, good thing I was by the cooler;) Gosh I miss you guys a lot! I miss doing all that fun stuff with you guys!

That's way awesome to see you got a letter from Jordan! I talk to him and Derry just about every week. It's crazy how different our missions are, but still the same.  They are loving it too and doing great!!  So crazy how fast time is flying!!  Do you know you and dad have an almost 20 year old son;) haha

Thanks for sharing that thought with me! This morning I read Æ. Oaks talk from Oct 2015 conference on the power of the Atonement! It really is so amazing to know we have our Savior, Jesus Christ, who has gone through anything and everything imaginable and he did it for us. So we can always lean on him and find strength in him!

Thanks for another wonderful email! I love and miss you guys a lot! You are constantly in my thoughts and prayers mom! Have a wonderful week:)


Æ. Weese

Outside of new apartment in Holbæk

Pictures from inside new apartment

New companion, Elder McBride

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