Sunday, September 4, 2016

Street Contacts and a Mini Mission: 8/29/2016

Hey everyone!! Hope ya'll are doing good. Sorry it's been a while since I have typed up one of these, but I have been so busy!! Hope this all finds you happy and well though.

Well this past week has been pretty great! Æ. Smith and I have been doing some great work! Had a great P-Day down in Slagelse with some other missionaries. They (yes they, not me included) did the Nougat Bit challenge. That is where you dump a whole box of nougat bits and a whole carton of milk in a bowl and see how fast you can eat it. Our district leader, Æ. Williams, kicked everyones butts. He finished in 12 minutes I think haha. Maybe I'll give it a shot next time. 

On Tuesday, we met this way nice lady on the street. She said she was in her 90's! Way nice, sat and talked with us about religion and how much the world truly needs it. It was a great conversation. She said she remembers the missionaries teaching her parents when she was a little girl. Talking to her made my day!

On Thursday we had District meeting (in slagelse) afterwhich, Nykøbing Falster Æ. came home with us and we were on splits Thursday and Friday. Did some great work with them. Taught a ton of street and doorstop lessons. Got a great amount of potentials from it. We kicked butt this week, like we hit our beds physically and mentaly exhausted last night! Missionary work is awesome:)

On Friday and Saturday we had "Mini Mission" where one of the youth in our ward went out with us to do some contacting and teaching! We had a great time with him. On Saturday they had this little zone conference like thing for the missionaries that went out with the youth. It was pretty cool!

So I got pulled over speeding... this is how it happened. I was driving on a road that is 80 kmh and I was going 110, not really paying attention to my speed. When about 400 meters ahead of me a dude in a yellow vest jumps out in the middle of the road, right in front of me, holding a sign that says stop. He danced around and directed me to pull over. It was a speed trap. There were 2 cops with a radar gun, waiting underneath a bridge. When they would catch people speeding they would jump into the middle of the road to stop them hahaha. Well I was expecting to get a HUGE ticket, but the officer returned and said there was a malfunction with his radar gun so they couldn't give me a ticket...WAHOO!!!! Blessings right there:) 

I'm loving life here in Denmark. I have experienced so much, impossible to write about it all. My testimony has grown so much and continues to grow. I am truly thankful for this church and the way it has changed my life for the better. I love you all, have a killer week!

Æ. Weese

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