Monday, November 2, 2015

November 2, 2015 - 2 weeks in Denmark!!

Well, I have survived almost 2 weeks in Denmark!! haha which actually isn't that hard cause Denmark isn't dangerous at all. Like nothing here is scary, besides the spiders!! There are spiders EVERYWHERE!! If you know me well you know I HATE spiders and unfortunately, Denmark has a spider problem...Like it's almost winter time and I have seen spiders everywhere, I have killed so many in our apartment. They are everywhere, all different shapes, sizes, and colors but bottom line is they are everywhere. It's not an uncommon thing to wake up and have a huge one crawling across your face. haha so yeah that's my only complaint!

So a week ago, after I finished emailing, me and my comp did all our grocery shopping. I didn't buy a whole lot because it's hard for me to know what I am even buying because of the language barrier. So I just bought stuff to make breakfast burritos and rice bowls everyday for the week. Which weren't too bad, but now that I know a bit more, todays shopping will be a bit better. I found these things called Nougat Bits!! They are the BOMB!! They are like coco puffs (except square) and are filled with like Nutella. They are my favorite right now haha. Umm but I have been able to have a few different pastries and other Danish food that is really good! I definitely won't starve here in Denmark.

My favorite part of P-Day is when we went to this place called Kegnæs. The most beautiful place I have been to in Denmark so far! All the pictures of the windmill and sunset were taken there. It's beautiful! It really made my P-Day a good one.

Every morning we have personal study, companion study, then training. In my companion study and training we do a lot of role play to help me with the language. Here in Denmark you get every different kind of people. We meet Danes, Muslims, people from Germany, Holland, China, all over the world! Schooling here in Denmark is free so that's a big reason why we have so many different types of people. The biggest immigration of people lately though have been Islamic refugees. It really is a sad situation. We meet ones that have only been here in Denmark for 10 days, sometimes more, sometimes even less! They seem so lost and it really is a sad thing, but when we talk to them they go on and on about how happy they are to be here! I mean one guy went on about how great it is being here and said, "wanna see a picture of my house back home?" he showed us a picture of basically a crater with rubble in it cause his house was blown up!! All the refugees we have met have some pretty crazy stories. It has made me a lot more grateful for the things I have.

I love it here in Denmark, but I'm not going to lie, it's a really hard mission. We get a lot of people shutting doors in our faces, telling us to "buzz off" (That's not what they actually say but since I am a missionary I have to keep things censored haha) but hey, we try our hardest. We contact and contact and contact with little if not no success, but the potentials we do get make it all worth it! I love the people of Denmark already and I have only been here for 2 weeks! They are a great people and I'm so happy I can share the Gospel with them.

Yeah so that is basically my week. Lots of study and lots of contacting. A couple quick stories of things that really stuck out to me. So we were knocking collegiums, this one Chinese lady answered the door waaaaay drunk, like plastered. She said, "What can I do fo....hey! You two are from Utah yeah?" I said yes and asked how she knew. She said she was Jehovah Witness and knows all about us! She said how about I convert you two instead! Wanna com in and drink with me?? We politely said no and told her to have a great evening! haha Me and Ældste Jensen walked off laughing so hard.

In another one of the collegiums we met a guy named Tommy. He is from Canada and is a competitive swimmer. Come to find out, he swam in the Olympics in London!! He was a super nice guy. Like he wanted to talk to me about snowboarding and skiing which I could talk ALL DAY about:) haha we caught him at a busy time though but he invited us back saying he would love to hear our message.

Overall this week has made me realize how hard this mission will be, but also how much I love it here! I had a wonderful fast and testimony meeting with the branch. I felt the spirit so strongly there. We have a few scheduled dinner appointments with members that I am really excited for! My testimony grows everyday! I love this gospel and know without a doubt it is true!! I hope everyone back home is doing great and know you all are in my thoughts and prayers.

Ældste Weese

P.S. My Danish is slowly getting better, it's extremely tough but I have noticed quite the improvement!! Jeg elske det Dansk sprog!

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