Monday, November 30, 2015

Thanksgiving in Denmark: 11/30/2015

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!! I hope everyone has had a great Thanksgiving week! I sure have. I have to admit I felt pretty homesick thinking about the Holidays. I know I will miss all the great family get togethers and dinners and stuff and I don't like thinking about that! I have a quote above my desk that says, "Missionaries leave their families for 2 years to help others be with their families FOREVER" That really gives me a lot of comfort to know that I am doing the right thing.
Hmm where to even begin, we had a lot this week! Let's start with Zone Conference. That was a blast! There were about 40-50 missionaries there, which always is a great time, we had training, feasted, had a talent show, and then had our own Turkey Bowl! It was such a great time. We had training on Family History and the Christmas initiative, some great tools we will be using to have more missionary opportunities. The food was great! Had tons of stuffed turkey, potatoes, gravy, brød, fruit, the whole deal! My favorite part of it all though was the Turkey Bowl! Playing American football (the real football)  with a bunch missionaries was so much fun! It was really cold, wet, and muddy but I didn't care!
We have had some really good missionary work these week. Ældste Jensen and I have met many new potentials and have taught quite a good amount of lessons! Everyone one of these investigators come from completely different backgrounds. That really has made me realize how much God truly loves us. He knows our circumstances, our special situations, but no matter what they may be, He has provided a plan of happiness for all to experience! I love being able to teach people and tell them that I know there is a God. That he is our loving Heavenly Father, who truly loves each one of us. Our relationship with him is personal and he knows what we have gone through. Being able to tell people, to teach them how to pray, that they can ask and say anything to God really has strengthened my testimony.
I have had a lot of self reflection this week because of these experiences. They have really allowed me to check my own spirituality. I have become so much closer with my Savior because of all of this. I want to challenge everyone to pray more. To be completely honest with God. Tell Him about your true desires, things you might be struggling with and wanting that may not be right, tell him those things! I promise you he will bless you. He will give you comfort and you will know without any doubts that He is there wanting to bless you!
Well one of the hardest things this week was this Sunday. I gave a talk in church! Ohhh that was so hard for me. It took days of planning and I barely suffered through it at the pulpit. I sure hope my branch was able to understand me. Learning Danish is one of the hardest things for me as a missionary right now! It just hasn't been clicking lately!! I know it will eventually though!
I hope you all have a great week!!
Ældste Weese fra Sønderborg Denmark 

Fredericksborg Castle:

 Elder Weese decorating for Christmas!!

 Zone Conference Pictures:

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