Monday, March 14, 2016

Refugee Camp and Soccer:  3/14/2016

6 months down! Can you believe it? I sure can't haha. Time has been cruising by for me ever since I left on my mission. I didn't even realize it was my 6th month mark till later that night! I did burn a tie to celebrate!! I hope this finds you all happy and well:)

Well this past week has been pretty fun, not going to lie! We had stake conference Saturday and Sunday in Aarhus. Æ. Gudmundson and I were able to attend the Sunday session. It was really good! I am able to understand a lot more Danish so I have been getting a lot more out of the talks I hear. It was so awesome to see so many members though! I am so used to seeing the 30 in my branch that seeing so many more was really weird! It was great though. We were able to have our investigator, whom is working towards baptism, with us at stake conference. I believe he really enjoyed it as well.

Well we had some pretty fun times at the Refugee Camp this week! Our friend Mazlum invited us to come over and have dinner with all of his roommates. They made some way good tasting food! I had no clue what anyone was saying (It was all in Persian, Arabic, or Kurdish) But they all were so nice and so interested in our lives back in the U.S. We had a great night with them and they invited us to come back the next day to play Soccer. So the next day we came back and played soccer. It was crazy! They take the sport way seriously and they all were just yelling back and forth at each other. I asked Mazlum to translate for me but he said that they were just cussing back and forth at each other haha. After a pretty intense game of soccer, we tried to teach them American Football! Which was a circus! Haha they all were just picking up the ball, running around in circles, trying to throw it at each other. Once Æ. Gudmundson and I realized an organized game just wasn't going to work, we played Ultimate Football instead. It really was so much fun:) The weather was perfect too and I was finally able to get some sun! We are going to start making this a regular event since the weather is starting to get better!

Well my mission has been treating me great! It's been hard work but I love being a missionary. I love Denmark and the people here!! Hope you all are doing well. Have a great week:)

Æ. Weese

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