Thursday, March 31, 2016

Sunshine in Denmark:  3/21/2016

Pretty great week for me in Sønderborg! The sun has been shining bright so that always is a huge plus! The weather is starting to get a lot nicer:) Thanks for what you said at the beginning of your email. That really helps a lot:) Haha both you and dad have been using the Nike Slogan in your emails to me haha! Maybe I need to "Just Do It!"
Yeah so we have a washer and dryer in our place which is a HUGE plus! So our apartment is attached to a business and there is one more level above us where someone else lives. So it isn't a huge complex. Just a couple of rooms that the owner of the business we are attached to rents out. Yeah our neighbour is way friendly, we say "mojn" to each other just about everyday but that's about it haha. Daily life starts at 6:30am and ends at 10:30pm:) For Pday today we will finish emailing, buy some groceries, I might get a haircut, and we got to clean our apartment so we will probably do that today too. (L) has hit a wall so we are giving him a little bit of a break. He says it's not his mother anymore, he says he has received an answer from God that baptism is something he needs to do, he just hasn't received an answer from himself that it is we are trying to figure out what we can do to help.
Sounds like a really fun day with all of the family! It's crazy to see everybody growing! I am so short mom! I haven't grown an inch:/ That's funny what Cole said haha! I feel like a ton has changed back home! I know of a few more people I went to High School with that are now getting married!! Haha weird to think about! 
Jeez that's crazy to hear about Jordan's Cobra in the kitchen experience haha! Yeah I don't have to worry about that here in Denmark. Just our apartment is filled with spiders and I HATE it haha! 
Thanks for sending that package to me! I haven't got it yet, but I am really excited for it to come:) Transfer calls are two weeks from last Saturday! I am way excited for them, I really need something to change things up! I'm almost 100 percent positive that I won't be staying in Sønderborg! Spending time will the all the refugees:) They are great people! It's really sad to see the situation they are in and how they don't even know if they will be able to stay in Denmark or not. I have had a some great times with them!:)
Thanks again for your email and all that you say and do for me:) It truly means a lot mom! I miss and love you so much! I hope you have a great week:) Thanks for the PICTURES!!:)
Æ. Weese

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