Monday, June 13, 2016

Electric Guitar and Playing the Organ:  6/13/2016

Another week just flying on by here in Denmark! Hope this finds ya'll healthy and happy:)

Did a lot this last week. Been on splits with Æ in Køge as well as splits with Æ in Slagelse. I was in only in Holbæk for the first couple days of last week. Æ. McBride and I have been getting dropped by new investigators left and right! A couple weeks ago, we had found a bunch of new investigators, but then they all dropped us....It always sucks when we get dropped right after the first lesson or before we even get to share a full lesson. If only everyone knew how important the message we bring truly is.

We had a guy come up to us on the street telling us he received åbenbaring (revelation) from God and the bible (1st Genesis) that the world is flat....He was totally normal, all there type of guy, but he truly believes the world is flat. So we had a really interesting 30 minute conversation about all of that. We asked him if he wanted to meet up some time and talk about what Mormons believed in he replied with "Well we can't even get passed 1st Genesis so probably not..." Haha!

I had a really great experience up in Køge. We were teaching a man who had serious back pain, that started around Easter and has never left. He has been "blessed" by baptist priests and visited healers, but nothing has helped. He then asked me to give him a blessing. I've only given a handleful of blessings on my mission and this was the first one in Danish. Nervously I said ok and gave him the blessing. I don't remember anything I said but it was a decently long blessing. Everyone in the room could feel the spirit so strongly. I have a huge testimony of the power of the priesthood and gift of tongues. Way awesome experience.

I played the organ for the first time ever and it was in church. That was crazy! It was way hard and I hadn't played some the of hymns before. I said a prayer, hoping that the members would still be able to feel the spirit as I played. It went extremely well:) So who knows, maybe I'll be the back up organ player from here on out:) The weather has been great. Doesn't get super hot but because of the humidity I sweat like CRAZY! It rains a lot here though. The sun rises at 4:00 am so I usually wake up pretty early, it sets around 10:00 pm, so the days are still pretty long! I have forgotten what it was like back home. The Danish has its ups and downs. Some days I feel really good about it. Other days not so much, but I'll continue to work on it. My studies have been so good lately. I really have enjoyed studying the gospel:) I have been learning so much more about my patriarchal blessing lately! I read it just about every other day.

Æ. McBride and I have been knocking doors like crazy, and we are going to continue it. Hopefully this week we will be led to someone ready to receive the Gospel into their lives. Jesu Kristi Kirke af Sidste Dages Hellige er sandt.

My testimony has grown so much out here and it continues to grow. I love the church and am so thankful to live in a time with the restored gospel on the earth today! I love and miss you guys. Thank you so much for your support, prayers, emails, it all means so much to me! My family is the best:) 

I love you all. Have a killer week!


Ældste Weese

P.S. Made an awesome video of me playing the Star Spangled Banner on a balcony in Slagelse on the electric guitar haha, that attracted some attention!

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