Monday, June 6, 2016

Zone Conference:  5/30/2016

Hey Ya'll!! Another week down:) Time really is flying by out here. I'll be hitting my year mark before I know it! 2 weeks ago was really hard out here, thankfully last week wasn't as bad. After a 12 week drought of no new investigators, we finally have one!!! We will be teaching her tomorrow so hopefully all that goes well:)

My Fodbold (soccer) skills have been getting pretty clutch! We play every Saturday in Roskilde with some members and friends. I'm still the average uncoordinated with their feet American, but I am getting better:)

We had Zone Conference this last Thursday which was pretty great! I got to see some missionaries I knew from the MTC whom I hadn't seen since then! We talked a lot about the Plan of Salvation and free agency. Free agency is such an amazing thing! We honestly have been given the ability to choose the outcome of our eternities. Now we can't do things that contradict with the consequence, all things have consequences, but because of the knowledge God has given us we can tailor our lives to his teachings and eventually live with him in Celestial Glory. I think that is pretty awesome. Everything the adversary does is to limit our ability to choose (through addictions for example) or to make us think that free agency really isn't anything special (as if our outcome is already decided and there isn't anything we can do about it.) My little challenge for all of you is to see how much your ability to choose has affected your own life. Everyone (especially myself) has room for improvement, but the amazing thing about omvendelse (repentance) is that it is for everyone where ever they are in their lives.

I hope you all know just how much God loves each one of you. Gud er vore kærlig himmelske fader. Han kender dig personlig. Han ønsker at hjælpe os or velsigne os i vor daglig liv. Hans søn, Jesus Kristus, er vores frelse.  (God is our loving Heavenly Father . He knows you personally . He wants to help us or bless us in our daily lives. His son, Jesus Christ is our salvation.)

I hope you all have a wonderful week!

Æ. Weese 

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