Monday, December 28, 2015

Christmas Eve Dinner & Duck: 12/28/2015

Merry Christmas everyone!!! I hope you all have had a great Christmas with your friends and families! Christmas in Denmark was so much fun:) We were able to spend Christmas Eve with familien Nielson in Tønder. That was a blast! They made a delicious duck dinner and topped it off with Risalamande (Don't know how to explain so Google it:) ) It was so much fun dancing around the Christmas tree, singing songs, and opening gifts with them! I love the families in the branch I am serving in and am so grateful for them having us over for Christmas Eve.

Christmas Day was spent with another family in our branch. Familien Kuntz. We had a delicious dinner and a ton of treats (definitely have been gaining weight) It was there where I was able to Skype home!! That made my week:) My first Christmas in Danmark was definitely one for the books!

Sunday was a lot of fun too. We went to Tom's house (another guy from our branch) to make Æbleskiver. He holds a contest every year with the missionaries in the area to see who can eat the most. I was able to eat about 30 and I felt wrecked after that. The all time record is 65 which is INSANE!! Don't know how someone can eat that many Æbleskiverer. It was great visiting with him and learning how to cook Æbleskiver.

December was a slow month when it came to mission work in Sønderborg, but with the business of the holidays at it's end, we have a lot of potentials in January. I have a lot of "New Year Goals" I will be setting. 2016 is my mission year (the full year a missionary serves while on his mission) so I want to make the most of it! I invite all of you to add to your list of New Year resolutions things that will strengthen your relationship with our Father in Heaven and our Savior Jesus Christ. They both love you more than you could ever imagine. The closer we get to them, the happier we become! 

I love you all! Have a Happy New Year!!!! 2k16

Ældste Weese

Pass along cards for the ducks

Half in Denmark & half in Germany

Christmas Eve with familien Nielson in Tønder

Cooking Æbleskivers 

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