Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Knocking & Biking: 7/11/2016

Hey everybody! Hope you all had a killer 4th of July! Thanks to an awesome member family, our 4th of July was pretty great:) Hope this finds you all well and happy.

Well, Æ. Smith and I have been out kicking butt! We have been doing pretty well as a companionship. Æ. Smith is a great missionary, always positive and funny, and with great motivation to do the work. I have already seen such HUGE improvement in his Danish and talking to people so way to go Æ. Smith!!

3 Days in a row, Æ. Smith and I stopped by this pizza place and got this huge pizza to eat at the end of the day haha. We have had to stop that tradition because if we kept it up, we would be out of money before either of us realized it! That pizza though was soooooo good. Great for Hygge! Good thing we have been biking everyday!

We had zone training this last Wednesday. It was great. I always walk away from those training having learned so much! Always with new ideas on how I can better the area I am serving in. A great thing about Den Danske Mission is that we are overall quite an obedient mission, which is huge! Obedience is what brings forth the miracles in a mission and we definitely count on those miracles.

We have been doing a lot of knocking lately. We have had a big focus on teaching as soon as someone opens their door. Rather than ask them if they would be interested in hearing our message, we just start sharing our message! I think that really helps us get past some of the "cultural no's" and it allows us to invite the Spirit into our conversation immediately. I really have enjoyed knocking! Every contact is different with their own opinions, questions, and needs. That's where the Spirit really kicks in and helps us discern what part of the Gospel can really get their attention. No matter who the person is or what they are going through, there is something from the Gospel that they can really relate to or understand. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is for everyone on this planet! God doesn't limit his knowledge or blessings or guidance to just any one group of people. He loves us all individually and if we just turn our hearts to Him, He will pour out more blessings than we can receive. I have seen that numerous times on my mission.

Time is flying by WAY too fast. I have already been gone for more than 10 months and I still feel new in some ways. I love being a missionary here in Denmark and I wouldn't trade it for anything!! I love you all and wish you all a fantastic week:) 

Ældste Weese

P.S. Favorite Danish phrase of the week "Vent til du har skæg på din hagen, min dreng" (wait until you have a beard on your chin my boy, wait until you are grown up haha)


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