Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Zone Activity & Knocking Doors:  7/18/2016

Hey everyone:) Hope ya'll have had a great week! Hope you enjoyed that "Patriotic" video I sent out haha:) As you can see, I'm having a blast out here on my mission!

Well I have been hearing a lot about missionaries from my ward returning home as well as those I went to school with. Crazy to think that it's already been 2 years for them. Cool story with one of them. Trevor Williams, a great childhood buddy as well as member from my home ward, just got back a week ago. We had a returned sister missionary in Roskilde ward speak yesterday in sacrament meeting. Well come to find out she had been in the same mission as him and after sacrament meeting she came up and showed me all these pictures and how they were at the airport traveling home together! That blew my mind!! I had no clue it had already been two years for Trevor. So she took a pic of me and her and sent it his way, haha Mormon world sure is small haha!

This past week was a lot of fun. We were on splits with the Zone leaders, had district activity (Our district is so big now) and then splits with our District Leader and his companion. For district activity we all went to the Roskilde Domkirke again. That place is so sweet! If any of ya'll visit Danmark, you HAVE to go there!

Me and Æ. Smith have been working hard. Tried knocking in a new city that I had never been to before. We taught a lot of lessons and got some good potentials so we will definitely be going down there more often! Æ. Smith has been a killer comp. We have been having some great times together and have been doing some great work! I am loving Denmark. I'm not perfect nor fluent at the language, but I definitely can talk to people and understand them. Training has given me a bigger drive when it comes to learning the language more. I KNOW the gift of tongues is real. I see the difference in my speech when I pray for the gift of tongues. It's such an amazing thing. Æ. Smith and I have been getting a long great!! So crazy to think I will be hitting my year mark while being his companion.  

I'm saddened to read about what is going on with the Riots back in the states, as well as the recent attack in Nice, France. The world just keeps getting worse and worse. "More signs of the times" What a blessing it is to have the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ in our lives. Having Christ as our "Grundvold" (foundation) that we can hold on to while the world around us continues to fall apart. My thoughts and prayers are directed towards those involved in the recent tragedies. May God comfort and bless them and well as you. I love you all, have a wonderful week!

Æ. Weese

This is what Parker's comp, Elder Smith, wrote home about him:
"So I've had a way great second week with lots of good experiences. We've been able to teach quite a few lessons but mostly just doorstep lessons. I'm learning so much from Elder Weese. He is an amazing teacher and way good at talking to people. He always looks above himself and I'm really glad that a lot of my missionary characteristics will come from what he teaches me."

He also shared a story that happened to them the past week that Parker didn't share with us, I thought it was fun to hear about their experiences from Elder Smith's point of view:

"The other day Elder Weese and I were walking down the street in Holbæk when this guy looks over to us while we were waiting at a crosswalk. He asks, "Are you Mormons?" We happily answered Yes! He then asks us "do you know who Jesus was?" we begin to share something awesome and spiritual with him but he cuts us off before we could say anything and says "Jesus was a Jew, the chosen ones, I am Christian, I am a Jew. You will never be a part of the chosen ones, you will die trying. You disgusting devils." He then spits at our feet. That was a pretty eye opening experience for me. It's not common for people to be that harsh with us or anyone, but it really made me think of what I would like to tell him."

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